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    Page order


      Recently created some pdfs from InDesign. When I open the document in Acrobat and go to 'organise pages' its doesn't run in the correct order.  When i print the document its ok and when i view by page thumbnails its ok. Very confusing - never seen anything like this before.


      Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 16.44.59.png

      Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 16.45.52.png

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          Akki_24 Adobe Employee

          Hi Davis_XI,


          Would it be possible for you to share the file with us?

          I have shared the email address though private message, I would request you to please attach the file that you have tried to open in Acrobat to organize pages.

          For the testing purpose I have tried the same at my end and it worked absolutely fine.




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            Akki_24 Adobe Employee

            Hi Davis_XI,


            Thankyou so much for sharing the information.

            I have checked the properties of the document that you have sent to me and what I have observed that there is some problem with the settings. and because of that the complete file opening up in wrong order.

            >Open the file in Adobe Acrobat.

            >Right click on the screen go to document properties-


            >Go to Advanced and see the Binding under Reading options-


            > Change the Bindings to Left Edge press OK> close the file and reopen it, you would be able to see it in correct page order under organize pages-

            **I have also emailed to the correct format of the file.


            Please let us know if there is any further assistance is required.




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              Davis_XI Level 1

              This fixed it. Many thanks.