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    Blank Pages and Errors after PDF has been opened for a while

    BrinksAndrew Level 1

      I am running the latest Adcobe Acrobat Pro DC Version 2015.006.30243.


      After a PDF is opened the pages will eventually turn blank and/or I will receive errors. The errors include "Insufficient Image Memory", or "There was an error processing a page. There was a problem reading this document. (109)", or other errors that mention something related to a data stream.


      Usually the errors occur after I have not used the PDF for a while and it has been sitting idle in the background. However, they sometimes occur while I am using the document. Scrolling in the document seems to trigger the problem most often. The worst part about this problem is that I cannot save any changes I made to the document after the error occurs.


      I am running Windows 10. The error occurs regardless of whether I access the files locally or over a network drive. I have tried repairing the installation, but this did not fix the problem.


      This seems to be a common problem with a lot of people because there are a lot of unanswered threads. Usually the thread concludes that the PDF is corrupt. However, this occurs with EVERY pdf that I open, so I doubt that every pdf that I open is corrupt.


      Any help?

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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          The symptoms you describe are usually related to a corrupt PDF, but if this happens with every PDF file, that makes that less likely (unless all the PDF files you are using are coming from the same source). It's more likely that something is corrupting the open file over time. This could be either a corrupt disk, a corrupt memory (both due to hardware problems), a virus, or a bug in Acrobat. Here is what I would do:


          Repair Acrobat using the "Repair" option in Acrobat's Help menu. If that fixes it, then we are done. If not, I would run a malware check on the computer and remove anything it finds. If that still does not fix things, I would look for hardware problems, run a desk checker, run a memory checker and see if there is something wrong with the hardware.


          If you believe that this is due to an Acrobat bug, please file a bug report: Feature Request/Bug Report Form

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            BrinksAndrew Level 1

            Thanks for your response.


            I have already tried the "repair" option without success. I have also tried running memory checks and malware checks. No success.
            Further, these suggestions are highly unlikely the cause of the problem in view of the following:

            1. My coworker has a different kind of laptop and he experiences the exact same problems I do. Both of our laptops are brand new.

            2. Fox-it PDF editor and other PDF programs operate without any issues.

            3. Earlier versions of adobe operate without issue.


            I am going to file a bug report, but let me know if you have any other suggestions.

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              Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

              Ah, you did not mention that this also happens on a second computer. That does make it much less likely that the problem is due to a memory or disk problem.


              In that case, I would take a look at the documents that you are processing. Do they all come from the same source? Does this happen with any random PDF? You can for example try with this file: http://khkonsulting.com/files/Sample75Pages.pdf


              If it only happens with PDF files from the same source, there are still two options: You could be dealing with a genuine bug in Acrobat, but it's also possible that these PDF files are corrupt. Just because a 3rd part PDF viewer displayed them correctly does not necessarily mean that the PDF files are error free. If you are dealing with a bug, you may want to try to update your version of Acrobat (Help>Check for updates).

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                mgruben456421 Level 1

                I have a similar issue to OP; after being open for a while without activity, a PDF will start to "blank" pages that have text on them; therefore that information is not searchable.


                The workaround for this is to close and reopen the PDF, but this is irksome for a bought-and-paid-for product (Adobe Acrobat 11.0.18).


                I do not receive the memory error that OP mentions.


                As far as I know, this issue only occurs on one (purchased-in-August) PC running Windows 7.


                This occurs with multiple PDFs, each from the same source.  It is unknown whether this occurs with other PDFs.


                Later edit:

                I was able to isolate my issue to PDFs that we were opening and leaving open from network locations.

                Thus, our workaround solution was to have users save the PDFs to their local machines, then open the PDFs from there.

                This way, PDFs could be left open without blanking occurring.