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    Bulk upload options to existing domain of large product list, possibly using CSV?

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      I have convinced my employer to acquire Adobe CC finally (still waiting on IT to install etc) and we have a project that needs to be finished within the next week. This project entails displaying large (~400) quantities of products in table form, no photos, separated by tabs for different pricing ranges (probably about 3-5 tabs) We have an existing domain which we have used for these landing pages outside our regular websites (as it's a group of companies but this page encompasses all stores) It would have to be a very simple but responsive page (more than half of clients will view on mobile) that would display the promotion header, tabs and then the tables holding the list of products, each product entry in the table would have to link to the specific inventory listing on our sites (managed by a 3rd party). The product lists will be provided by each store in an excel spreadsheet (can ask to include URLs).

      Any way these can be bulk uploaded the the page to save time? It would have to be very quick and easily manageable.


      Thank you!