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    Phonegap Android Issues. Background image not displaying and plugin not functioning as expected.


      Hi there, I am having two problems with my mobile app on Android. I develop primarily on iOS but am trying to push my app over to android now.


      Problem 1: Background image not displaying correctly.



      Expected: Left

      Problem: Right


      The left photo is taken on my iPhone 7+ using the same version of code. As you can see the right version displays coloured lines. I don't believe this is my

      CSS code but i can post if needed. I don't understand why the app is behaving in this way.


      Problem 2: navigator.notification.confirm values display max of 3 on android.


      My code is similar to the following:






      ['response1', 'response2', 'response3', 'response4','response5']



      On iOS, the alert displays all 5 responses, but on android only response 1,2 and 3 are displayed. I have googled the problem but no writeup seems

      to describe that android limits a notification interface to 3 user interface buttons. If it isn't, is there any way to explain why this is happening. Once more code

      and photos can be uploaded is needed to gain the correct answer.


      Thank you all for your time and I will also say thanks in advance to any user who provides a response.