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    Lightroom does not update

    Totsch Level 1

      I had posted that once a few days ago, but got no helpful answer. So - sorry for the re-post.


      My current Lightroom Version 2015.6.1 won't update to 2015.7.

      The Creative Cloud application insists that my Lightroom (and Photoshop) versions are up to date when I check for updates.



      I have tried the following:

      Force quit any Adobe applications and renamed the OOBE folders in these directories:

      ...\program files(x86)\common files\Adobe\OOBE


      ...\user\app data\local\Adobe

      restarted Windows.


      After that the Creative Cloud app refused to start.

      With the consequence that Photoshop and Lightroom won't start either.


      So I made the renaming undo. Fortunately, the programs work again.

      But I can't update to the 2015.7 Version...


      (I tried these suggestions by JimHess - but with no luck:

      Downloaded Lr from the following website:

      Keeping Lightroom Up-to-Date - which is the incorrect version of Lr

      Updated the creative cloud application manager - did not help either)


      Funny fact:

      I got the Photoshop 2017 update today - but not the one for Lr... weird...


      Any ideas?


      System: Windows 10 64bit