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    AE crashes shortly after starting up


      Hi there,


      This problem started only a few days ago. Every time I start up after effects, it crashes shortly after it loads the program. The menus and everything show up, but if i click on any project to open, or click New Project, or even just let it idle, and switch back to it, itll freeze, and not give me any kind of error report.


      I've tried uninstalling and installing every version from 2015-2017 (just came out today) and it still happens. I also reinstalled all of my gpu drivers, and deleted all the app preferences AE might have had. I deleted any plugin's that were installed, and nothing works.


      I've also tried keeping caps lock on when clicking on a project to load, so it wont render anything.  Nothing works. Not having this problem on any other adobe program either.


      Im on a windows 10 machine, and have two 980ti gpu's with updated drivers. Im not sure whats going on.


      Any help?