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    GPU suddenly not recognized at all


      Hey everyone,

      All of a sudden my GPU is not being recognized by AE - at all. Instead of my Quadro K2000M GPU, AE shows up Intel HD Graphics instead.

      This is a screenshot from AE 2017 edition installed just a few minutes ago:


      (the OpenGL section always displays Quadro GPU and the texture memory can be set to higher values. Weirdly, the CUDA section hasn't changed but I get terrible performance in 3D so it's probably not working as it should).

      I also tried to reinstall the 2016 version, remove GPU drivers completely from the system, try to install new drivers (including standard Quadro ODE and QDF drivers - both of which didn't work); with no help.


      Other applications like Photoshop recognize the GPU properly.

      Thanks for the help!

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          miroslavvitula Level 1

          Okay, so I've came across a fix for anybody wondering:


          The issue was actually caused by a new set of drivers for my GPU. I went to C:/Nvidia and found out a few older extracted drivers from couple a months ago, so I decided to install those.


          First, go to device manager, find your GPU - right click, uninstall (be sure to tick "remove software drivers").

          Install older drivers



          OpenGL will now work with your GPU.