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    Can't clear my own signature?


      Hello! I frequently fill out forms, sign them, and am then asked to edit to form. Usually, I am unable to clear my own validated signature, then can edit the form, and then re-sign.


      I've noticed lately, that I am unable to do this. Same form as previous - different behaviour! I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro XI on Windows 7 Enterprise.


      All help/info is appreciated.

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          sb116 Adobe Employee

          Hi Lynda,


          Assuming you are referring to deleting or removing a Digital Id, please follow the steps below:


          • Go to Edit> Preferences> on the menu bar
          • Choose "Signatures"
          • Click on "More' by 'Identities and Trusted certificates' option
          • Click once on the Digital Id you intend to remove and select "Remove Id"
          • Click Ok at the next prompt to confirm deletion.

          You may also refer to the link below for more information:

          Validating digital signatures, Adobe Acrobat


          Let me know if it works or if you still need help.