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    So many versions?

    Adam_799 Level 1

      From CS6 to CC2017 there are about 6 versions of after effects. There's too much plugins, scripts and projects tied to specific version and every time I must install plugins, scripts etc. all over again. Isn't that ridiculous?


      Wouldn't it be better if we had only one final version of after effects (final release) and one beta version for testing the new features (btw, why are you putting so many new pointless features while the basic ones are not working properly, e.g. preview in real time, multiprocessing render?)

      Or at least to have one folder from which all versions could link scripts, plugins etc.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Sorry, but the only adequate response is, "Dream on -- that's not how Adobe works."


          You see, their prime argument for going to software rental was that they could stay on the leading edge because they could let their renters get the new stuff right away.


          Well, as we both know, that's just Marketing Weasel Nonsense.  You've already outlined the flaws in the Marketing Weasels' arguments.


          If there's rental money to be made -- and there is -- and if Adobe can hook new users with new sparklies that may or may not be worth talking about in six months -- and it probably won't be -- they don't care.  The rental loot just rolls in, and in ever-growing amounts.


          It's a really lousy way to run a company: hook the users, then piss 'em off.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you properly setup your installs and your script folders there is nothing to do when you add another version. I should do a tutorial on how to set that up.

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              Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              That's a great idea, Rick.  Please do that.

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                adamneer Level 2

                By "properly", you must mean "set up a system of folder shortcuts and redirects" because setting up Adobe products and installing plugins and scripts in the ways designated by Adobe and the various 3rd parties surely doesn't lead to such an easy migration process. You can be very helpful sometimes and you often go out of your way to demonstrate techniques, but then some other times you just come off as a grumpy contrarian.