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    How may I show the resolution info in ppp of my current selected picture?

    mrmister1 Level 1


      When I select a picture, I see its physical dimensions in inches or millimeters.

      I would like to know also, the resolution of the picture in those dimensions.

      I know pictures do not have resolution, just information, and that resolution in only a metadata. According the size of the picture, it would decrease the resolution, if you make it bigger or it can gain resolution, if you make it slower.

      However, the goal is having 300 ppp (high resolution) when printing the picture.

      In professional pictures, you get the pictures to certain dimensions for example, 4000 x 3228 and the resolution at those particular dimensions, in this case, let's imagine 300 ppp.

      Okay, Lightroom show me the metadata of the physical dimensions of the picture, but do not show me the metadata of the picture resolution at those dimensions.

      I would like to show, the resolution metadata.

      When I press the I key, information, I only see the picture size, lens, etc., but I cannot see the resolution in ppp.

      How may I show it?