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    Mobile menu with sub-menus: accordion plus composition widget?

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      My site has three sets of sub-menus. For my mobile site, I'd like to create a push-down accordion type of menu - three of the menu items would have sub-menus that open vertically below when the main category is clicked. Ideally, these would collapse again and not remain open, as the user clicks to other main/upper menu items.


      I've tried creating sub-menus with accordions and placing within the main accordion, but these remain open and do not close automatically. They block the other categories below once opened. As I understand it, the way people use navigation like this is that they expect a sub-menu to close automatically when they click elsewhere. It is not expected that the user would close the sub-menu his/herself.


      I found one tutorial that uses a lightbox as the main navigation, then uses state buttons and accordions to create the menu and sub menus. Again, these do not collapse unless the user clicks on the menu items to close them. The other issue with using a lightbox as the main navigation is that it covers the logo at the top when triggered. This is a problem for my client. This is the tutorial: Adobe Muse Advanced Tutorial - How to make Submenu in mobile friendly website - YouTube.


      I found reference on this forum to using a composition widget to somehow create a trigger within an accordion menu that would open a submenu below. Can better explain how to do this? And is there a way to make it automatically close when the user clicks to something else?


      Any way that you can recommend creating this would be so very appreciated. I can certainly purchase any purchase or template that's out there, but I haven't found one that does what I"m after.


      Thanks in advance for your help.