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    Stage Outline

    khmccurdy Level 1

      Is there a way to turn off the new stage outline in Animate CC 2017? It's useful, but not always what I want to see when I'm working with content that overlaps the pasteboard. I can't seem to find any options (tool panel, properties panel, View menu, preferences, etc.) that indicate it can be turned off.

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          Nipun Asthana Adobe Employee


          There is no such setting to turn off the Stage Outline. Are you facing any issue with the outline?

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            DrNeroCF@gmail.com Level 1

            Was searching for the same setting.  In some of my flas, the stage isn't relevant to the content (for instance, when viewing at an entire level).


            I was looking to turn it off because I use clips to mark proximity triggers for the player which are just outlines to keep things less cluttered, the stage just ends up looking like one of my objects to me.  Would make sense to be able to toggle the outline per fla, I think.

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              ClayUUID Adobe Community Professional

              It really is annoying that there's no way to turn this off. Most significantly, it's not at all clear whether the outline is inclusive or exclusive of the boundary between the stage and the void. This was not a problem before because you could just go by the different colors of the two regions.

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                rewb0rn Level 3

                +1 please allow to switch off the stage outline. We use Animate to prepare our assets, the stage does not matter and it's really annoying when preparing the content and a random line is interrupting your perception of the design.

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