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    MacCleaner and other pesky add-ins upon installation of Flash?


      My current Flash updates have been deviled by automatic installation of MacCleaner and other pernicious add-ins that take over my browser and constantly ask whether I want to clean my system, etc.


      Full disclosure: I worked for Adobe for eight years and even did some Flash documentation. I just grew to trust the installer and went with everything they suggested.


      This time around, I was savvy to the problem and declined MacCleaner and so on. Yet, at the end of installation, I saw a screen (the Yes button obviously worked; the No button was unresponsive) asking me to play some game or another. The only way out was to close the browser.


      I'm running OS X 10.10.1 on a Mac Book Air. My version of Flash is My browser version is Safari 8.02.


      Is this some kind of hack, or has Adobe really resorted to this? I can't believe that's so. Anyone else have this problem?