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    FireFox displaying Search interface incorrectly

    kdeuler Level 1
      All- I'm a newbie with RoboHelp. My issue is that an HTML Help UI isn't displayed properly in FireFox 3.0.3, but h it DOES display properly in IE 6. Just below are links to the the upper-left corners of my Help interface when Search is selected. As you can see, for IE, a space appears prompting the user for a search term. But for FireFox, the prompt doesn't appear. Instead, what looks like alphabet letter index tabs appears.

      IE Search area

      ...and here's the way it looks in FireFox 3.0.3

      FireFox search area

      Your help is appreciated. Note that I'm using RoboHelp 7.0.2


      -keuler (snorlax)