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    GetSelectedArt not working when called from an extension event

    Dieter (Paul)

      Hello everyone,


      I have the following problem:

      I need to do some things to the currently selected art objects when the user clicks a button in my HTML extension.

      For that I pass an event from the extension to the C++ plugin. This event is properly caught and calls a function which does the following:


      AIErr result(kNoErr);
      AIArtHandle ** selectedArt = nil;
      ai::int32 selectedCount(0);


      result = sAIMatchingArt->GetSelectedArt(&selectedArt, &selectedCount);


      This function always fails - the selectedCount is always zero and result is an error code "?COD" which I cannot find anywhere in the documentation.

      However, when calling this function directly from the C++ plugin (like through a menu item) it works properly and yields the current selection.


      I am using Illustrator CC 2015.3 on Windows.

      Any ideas?