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    Issue Opening Embedded Attachments on IPad Reader


      I have created a PDF file using Acrobat DC with embedded attachments.  The links to the attachments are working just fine on a PC, but when I try to open them on an IPad or IPhone, the links don't work and the attachments don't launch.  I tried using the Acrobat Reader App on IPad as well and it's the same issue.  I am using the latest version of iOS 10.1.1.  Can anyone help me fix this issue?

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          Akki_24 Adobe Employee

          Hi Shannonb86629734,


          Could you please let us know what is the exact location of source file ( created PDF) or where did you save it?

          Please help us sharing the exact steps that you have followed?





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            jodiev Level 1

            Hi Akanchha,


            I have encountered the same problem as the initial poster. I have created a PDF using Acrobat Pro (V2015.23.20056) and saved it to my hard drive. The PDF includes three embedded PDF attachments which I have added using the Add Attachment feature. In the main PDF, I have created links to specific pages in the embedded PDFs.  The links work just fine on my desktop.


            I have Acrobat Reader (V 17.01.31) installed on my iPad and I dragged the files from my hard drive into the Reader using the file sharing window on iTunes. I can open the PDF and access the attachments using Reader, but the links from the main PDF to the pages in the attachments do not show up or work.


            Any ideas?


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              derek lau @ adobe.com Adobe Employee

              hi shannonb86629734 and jodiev,


              I'd like to understand how the PDF with embedded attachments created with the Acrobat DC/Pro. Are you using the "Edit PDF"->"Link" tool to create a document link to open a document from your machine? If it is the case, unfortunately, the current Acrobat iOS version is not able to recognize the link despite the linked document is on your iOS device, hence the linked document will not be opened as expected.


              May I suggest an alternative option is that in Acrobat DC/Pro to open the "Attachments" pane from the menu bar "View"->"Show/Hide"->"Navigation panes"->"Attachments", then click the "Add a new attachment" icon located closed to the top of the "Attachments" pane to attach any document and saved the PDF (or saved to your Document Cloud account). Copy the saved PDF to your iOS device (or sign in to your Document Cloud account) and open the PDF, tap on the "Attachments" icon at the right most of the bottom toolbar to open attachments list. And now, you should be able to open the attached documents.


              Hope this works for you.


              Thank you.

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                jodiev Level 1

                Hi Derek,


                Thank you for the explanations. Unfortunately, I was hoping that the links would open on my iPad as described in your first scenario - from the main document to a specific location in an attachment. I hope Adobe considers adding this feature in a future Acrobat iOS version.