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    Elements crashed after mp4 added and now no audio in playback


      Hi Everyone


      Im an amateur film maker so please forgive me if I am not up with all the tech lingo.. I have been using elements 13 on my Mac which is only 2 years old and produced a few films which I am happy with.


      I recently tried to remake an old film which was an mp4 and when I added it to my elements project it crashed, now audio will not playback, in any of my projects, only in new media I add?


      Ive tried a few basic things like changing elements audio settings and OS audio settings but no luck.. Ive also tried updating the os and downloading the elements 15 trial, same thing..


      Ive since learnt that importing mp4's is not as easy as I thought, but at the moment I would just like to get back to square one and have audio on my existing projects, any thoughts greatly appreciated thanks.


      Cheers, Julian.