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    Problem with CC 2017


      I seem to have missed the checkbox to save my older version of CC, and now my Custom Scripts for InDesign won't work. It shows an error ( -2741 ) and asks where

      CC 2015 is located. I have never had this happen before in all of the years of updates. Anyone know how to fix this?

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          sanyamt Adobe Employee

          Hi Grant Zerkee,

          Please follow the steps to install InDesign CC2015:

          1. Navigate to creative cloud application

          2. Select View previous versions option available in the "Find Additional Apps" section by selecting "All Apps"


          3. InDesign will be seen in the Apps panel and a drop down list will be available on install button.

          4. Select CC (2015).

          5. Installation of InDesign CC2015.0( will begin

          6. After successful installation of product, InDesign CC2015 updates will be available(If the updates are not available select "Check for app updates" option in Creative cloud application)

          7. InDesign CC2015.4.1 will be installed



          Sanyam Talwar

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            grantz44914578 Level 1

            Thank You!



            Grant Zerkee    Print Team Leader


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              AnshulJain19 Adobe Employee

              Hi Grant,

              Is there mention of InDesign CC 2015 in your custom scripts, have you changed them to InDesign CC 2017 and recompiled them.

              In between, on which OS you are working on and what is the scripting language you are using.



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                Daniel Day_841 Level 1

                Was looking for this, thank you, issues with Indesign cc 2017 - needed to reinstall a previous version until issues are resolved,