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    Converting errors from Flash to Animate


      Hi Guys-  I have a flash file that I created a couple of years ago.

      My customer has asked me to change it from an swf file to an animated gif file.

      The various on-line conversion sites all give the same error. "No streaming content"

      The flash file I created is made by animating vector pieces.

      In Animate CC, it I open the flas file, The background animated piece does not animate. The background piece for the screen animates only  if I open the actual library item. Otherwise, it does not animate.

      How do I get it to animate. and...

      How do I get this fla/swf file into an animated gif sequence.

      -Thank in advance-


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          all movieclips that contains a child movieclip should have the child's animation copied to the parent's timeline and the child should be removed.


          start with the parent that's most nested. continue until all animation is on the main timeline.

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            Nipun Asthana Adobe Employee

            Is your background animation inside a Graphic Symbol? If so, expand the frame span on the main timeline - long enough to cover the entire animation and then try. You should see it animate now. 


            Aso, the latest release of Animate (2017) comes with a new, improved GIF exporter. You can use the same for your requirement.


            Make sure to update your copy of Animate from the Creative Cloud Desktop app first!

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