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    Perpetual license question


      I'm a paying the $10.00 monthly charge for LR and PS CC, and have a perpetual license.  Do I have access to LR Mobile with this "basic" plan?...or...Do I have to upgrade from the free membership to paid plan for  CC in order to get mobile to work?  I have downloaded the mobile app onto my tablet - but my desktop LR is telling me my trial period has expired..so I can't sync any folders.



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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Lightroom Mobile is only available to those who subscribe to the creative cloud. If you have a standalone perpetual license for Lightroom 6 and start paying the subscription then you will not be able to synchronize between your computer and Lightroom Mobile anymore.

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            briand4873227 Level 1

            Thanks Jim.  Even if I am now getting PS CC as well, with the monthly fee?  When I go into my account, and look at upgrading my free CC plan, it takes me to the "photography" package of LR CC and PS CC for $9.99 a month...which...is what I am paying for (or so I thought). 


            I'm just confused - it states, with this package, Mobile would be available with this plan.


            Do you know - if I upgrade, will my original $10 fee just be replaced with the CC membership of $10?


            Thanks for your time!

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Now I'm confused. If, as you say, you have Photoshop CC, why don't you have Lightroom CC? It's all part of the same package. You don't need Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC. They are the same program. It's just that when you are subscribed to the creative cloud you have the additional features  that are available.

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                briand4873227 Level 1

                Sorry to confuse you...I do have LR CC, as well as PS CC.  I bought the standalone LR 6, and months later signed up for the CC package and started paying the $10/month for LR and PS.  In that move, I thought Mobile would be included.  When I go into my account info, it states I am on the free CC plan, and under Products, it just states my LR 6 serial number from my purchase.


                Essentially, are you saying if I'm paying the $10/mo, and have both CC's I should also have access to Mobile?  If so, I just need to call in and have a tech help me.  I spent quite some time on chat, recently, and got nowhere.

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                  JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I have never had the perpetual license for Lightroom 6. The problem is  that you are signed into the creative cloud with the Adobe ID and password associated with your purchase of the Lightroom 6. That is why you don't have Lightroom Mobile available. I believe it is necessary for you to create a new username and password associated with your creative cloud subscription. But I'm not confident in suggesting how to do that. You should probably initiate a live chat at the following link:

                  Contact Customer Care

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                    briand4873227 Level 1

                    Ok, that makes sense!  I will do so.


                    Thanks so much, Jim.  Much appreciated!

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                      Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                      What Adobe ID did you use to buy the CC Photographers subscription plan?

                      Was it the same Adobe ID, an Email address and password, that you used to buy the perpetual license LR 6? If it was then all you should have to do is Sign Out from LR then Sign back in.


                      But first go to the Adobe main site then Sign In if you aren't already and click Manage Account (you may have to sign in a second time). You should see you now have a subscription plan under that Adobe ID.


                      If you used a Different Email address, a different Adobe ID, to buy the subscription plan then Sign out of LR and Sign In using the Adobe ID you used to buy the subscription.