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    ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS(2017) not opening

    lollandseadel Level 1

      I have recently decide to update my adobe after effects program (2015.3) to (2017) i still have (2015.3) as of going into advanced options and un-checking remove old cc's before updating before i launched (2017) for the first time i moved my plugins into it i had no error (it was just the magic bullet suite) it will finish scanning plugins then the tittle screen disappeared the icon on the system tab bar (im using windows ten home) and nothing pops up that's it its gone i kept restarting it it repeatedly did the same thing when i checked task manager it did the same thing it showed up on the active then went down the the background programs for  couple seconds then disappeared (side note 2015.3 is doing the same thing) i have tried restarting my pc and i really want it to work please help