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    Text boxes are not responsive in width or position

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      I am creating a restaurant site and adjusting the text for the menu to fit in the various breakpoints.  I have adjusted the master breakpoints and the page breakpoints as I have worked through the Home page and it all appears OK. The problem starts when I move to the Menu page.

      I start with the 320 - 370 which also follows the master page settings.  After I have set the type to my preferred design I scrub up to the next breakpoint and adjust the text accordingly but if I flick back to the previous breakpoint the text settings are completely haywire!


      I have tried changing the breakpoint properties from fluid to fixed and back again. I have tried pinning to center and setting to 'none'. But whatever I try just isn't working.  I have been over most of the tutorials and the help pages without finding a solution.

      I would greatly appreciate a bit of help as my client expects to see something very soon.  I attach a couple of snips.320Fluid.PNGBP-375Fluid.PNG760FluidPinnedCentre.PNG

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          AparnaS Adobe Employee



          I am not sure why exactly you are facing this issue. However, when you modify your text, are you sure you click the toggle to change the text settings for the current breakpoint only? If you do not select this option from the format text toggle, your content will be modified across all the breakpoints.


          You can find the formatting text for breakpoint toggle in the Toolbar (last option in the bottom).

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