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    Encoded out put file from Media encoder shows "Media offline"

    emam-dev Level 1

      Hi All,


      We have been using the app.encoder.encoder sequence  function to encode the sequences from our panel.

      But in the cc 2017 the media encoding is not happening properly if there is video and audio in the file..

      If there is only video the file is encoding properly.

      Here is the code snippet we are using,



                  app.encoder.bind('onEncoderJobComplete', $._ext_Premiere.onEncoderJobComplete);

                  var jobID = app.encoder.encodeSequence(app.project.activeSequence,full_path_to_file,full_path_to_pres et,app.encoder.ENCODE_ENTIRE,1);



      Is there any new changes needs to be done to handle the sequence encoding in Pre pro 2017?

      Here is the screenshot of video only and video+audio sequence export..




      Video only.png


      Thanks and Regards,

      Anoop NR