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    Attached word docs become unreadable

    Dave Sobecki

      i'm working on a new edition of a book.  the work flow is to use acrobat pro (DC, mac version in my case) to markup the previous edition.  new material is attached using the paperclip tool, with the attachments word docs.  something bad keeps happening, and it's causing MAJOR problems:  some of the word docs become unreadable, and when someone tries to click on them to open them up, a dialog box appears asking what coding was used, or something like that.  no matter what you choose, the document comes up as several pages of unintelligible symbols.


      this happens inconsistently, but often, and i haven't been able to detect a pattern.  i've tried word 2011 and word 2015.  i've tried saving the word docs as .doc files and .docx files.  can't tell if that makes a difference.  i even upgraded from a perfectly stable earlier version of acrobat pro to the latest, thinking that was the issue.  but it's not.


      i COULD just save all the attachments as pdf before attaching them, which seems to work okay, but this is badly disrupting our acc check and editing flow, as editors typically make suggestions/corrections directly on the attached word documents.  we can't do that if they're in pdf form for a variety of reasons that aren't important.


      incidentally, i have 3 different computers that i use, and it seems  to happen just as often on all of them.  the OS is 10.12 (sierra).


      please help me!  thanks.