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    Photoshop brushes in Sketch

    anniew89350460 Level 1

      How does one add a photoshop brush to sketch? And I'm assuming it's only .abr files and not .tpl?


      Thank you.

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



          In Photoshop CC (make sure you're using the latest 2017 version; it updated yesterday) drag any brush preset directly into the Libraries panel. This will add it to the Library and it will be available  to use in Sketch.




          Let me know if that's not working for you.





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            digitaltwist Level 1

            Okay. I added Brush Presets to my Library in PS 2017. Now how do I get them into Sketch? I just see the same 6 brushes available in Sketch that were there last week.

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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

              HI DigitalTwist.


              It sounds like you're not getting into the Brush menu. To do that, press-and-hold on any brush in the default toolset. That will open a pop-up menu not only with a bunch more brushes, but with the ability to access your Libraries. In this image, the Libraries are the link in the upper right hand corner of the Brush menu:




              There's a great little Spark tutorial for accessing the Libraries (Paint with Kyle’s Photoshop Brushes) just scroll down to Swap out Brushes in 4 Easy Steps.


              Let me know if you're still having trouble spotting them.



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                markpaterson_floyd Level 1

                Ok, I've figured out how to do it. You can only drag from the BRUSH PRESETS palette to the Library. I was dragging from the TOOL PRESETS (which is where all the standard Kyle Brushes are loaded).


                This means you have to convert any Tool Preset brush to a Brush Preset brush (by selecting the Tool Preset and clicking the New Brush icon in the Brush Preset palette.


                This is completely ridiculous as I now have duplicate Brush/Tool Presets, and the new brush you create doesn't automatically match the name of it's Tool Preset version. I'm also curious if I lose anything converting it from a tool into a brush. What a mess.


                However, can confirm that the Brush preset is now in my Library and I can select my library (and the brush) in Sketch on my iPad.

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                  digitaltwist Level 1

                  : markpaterson_floyd


                  Thanks for clearing that up. They're accessible now that I dragged over Brush Presets. I was trying to drag over Tool Presets too!


                  I find all the the iOS Adobe products so simplified and reduced to the absolute minimal interface that they're very non-intuitive. Funny how the online resources for the products are either buried on Adobe's website (Spark?!?) or just plain non-existent (in-App help is ridiculously sparse). It feels like Adobe doesn't really want people to use these apps at all. Thank god they're free.


                  I much prefer using the Apple Pencil/iPad Pro over my Wacom Cintiq so I was hoping that I could use Adobe Sketch as a PS alternative. However the Brush presets don't behave anything like Tool Presets in Photoshop so I'm back to my Cintiq for now.

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                    anniew89350460 Level 1



                    Thanks for the tip! While the converted versions of Kyle's brushes are definitely not the same, it's better than nothing!




                    Astropad is a good option for using your iPad as a graphics tablet but its mac only right now.


                    Adobe folk  - you have definitely created an app that I would love to use in a professional context (and can occasionally depending on  page sizes!) and just want to say I feel confident you will get us there. The last few updates have been great so I hope you keep them coming, and thanks for the free app!

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                      Chad C. Level 1

                      I've been looking for this answer for the past 3 hours. Incredibly frustrating to find this information as none of the help pages answer this OR mention if you have to be a paid subscriber to be able to do this.


                      My brushes will not sync with my creative cloud. I keep hitting SYNC in the library window and it does nothing but ask if I want to sync.





                      after signing out and back in again I can see my synced libraries.

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                        digitaltwist Level 1

                        I bought Astropad the moment it was announced (before Apple Pencil was released) and 2 years later, performance on a 2016 iMac and iPad Pro are as disappointing as ever...completely unusable for me.


                        So far I've found no iPad apps that can rival Procreate. Unfortunately my illustration style is hard to create in Procreate, with its lack of bezier tools, so I've resigned to using Photoshop on a Cintiq for now.


                        I would love to imagine that Adobe will treat us with a similar iOS app so I can create work on the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil!

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                          If you're thinking about line-smoothing (making it easier to draw curves), Procreate added that a couple of updates ago, and it works quite well. It is also possible to draw straight lines if you hold the pen/finger in one place (somewhere away from where you start the line) for a certain amount of time (configurable in the options-tab)

                          I love the brushes in Photoshop Sketch, but it is still not at the point where I can finish my drawings there because of other missing features (haven't used the latest version that much though, so it may be good enough now). The brushes look so natural, and behave much like the real deal, with only a small amount of quirks... Procreate has a lot of great customizability, and a lot of great features, however, it lacks the same quality from the brushes that Sketch has.

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                            montana mydesign Level 1

                            This too stumped me - what I found is creating tool presets in photoshop - .tpl files and then managing the library from the creative cloud app - not photoshop - that way there is no need for conversion to .abr.


                            For some reason photoshop will not add .tpl directly - my fear with an .abr conversion is that it would skew the brushes.

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