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    I'm not a savvy Adobe user - but I've spent $300 on a book that I can't access


      Very frustrated user here, fresh from a chat help that only directed me to go to this forum.  Hopefully someone can help.


      I've purchased the same building code book 3 different times at $100 / each because we had to have immediate access to answer a question.  All 3 purchased have been on my same email and same credit card and to the same computer.  These books open in a "Digital Editions" application.  I purchased these from IAPMO who regulates the sales of Uniform Building Codes.  They provide NO assistance for any e-book related matter.


      I've verified that I'm logged into my ADOBE account with username and password.  The ebook digital edition shows all three copied of the same book on the bookshelf.  If I try to click to open one, I get a pop up screen that says I must authorize the computer to access.  So I enter the same username and log in and I get an error message that the vendor account is not associated with the item I'm trying to open.