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    Flash update prompts may be causing blue screen error

    Insevin Level 1

      I've noticed a trend on my PC. Occasional blue screens. The trend is, that upon my next boot up, a Flash update will be available. My Flash settings are set to look for updates but allow me to install manually. I haven't tracked this with absolute certainty that this is the cause, but there are no other commonalities that I can establish. Most of the time the blue screen is triggered when I am not even at my screen, or I will log in and to my surprise, be informed that Windows has recovered from a blue screen condition. After the next additional boot up after this, a Flash update will usually be available. This has nothing to do with actually using Flash in any web browser, to my knowledge. Any thoughts?


      I don't know how to replicate this condition but I will post a screen shot of the next time it does, Flash update or no.


      Operating system version: Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 v 7601

      Web browser and version: Firefox 49.0.2

      Flash Player version: 23.0 r (updating to current version momentarily)

      Explain your problem in step-by-step detail if possible: See above