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    Hide and show a label or button

    niicoleloor Level 1


      I'm doing a form fill that has 32 pages. Since people will scroll down to go to the next page with fields in it I want them to see a label or button that says "IMPORTANT" or "DON'T FORGET" so they know they have to fill that part as well. I want to hide it when they click or put the pointer on it. I know how to hide the button with the properties: add action. However, whenever I open the document again, I can't see the label.

      I would appreciate if someone help me

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          You could set up a page action for the initial page that shows all of the buttons. It would get triggered again if the user moves from the initial page and later navigates back to it.


          You could achieve the same thing by using a document level JavaScript that shows all of the buttons when the document is opened. It could be a simple as:



          getField("button1").display = display.noPrint;  // Show the button, but make it non-printing

          getField("button2").display = display.visible;  // Or make the button visible and printable

          // Continue of the rest of the fields


          but use the actual button names that you're using.