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    Plug-in problems after CC2017 update

    craigriches66 Level 1

      Updated (like a fool) to CC 2017 today and now my previous Plugins and Scripts are no longer there. I thankfully have CC 2015.5 still in my Applications folder so I checked the Plugins and Scripts and they are there. However, copying them across to CC 2017 doesnt seem to work. When you relaunch, they are not appearing.

      Anyone know the correct procedure?

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          InDesign CC 2017 will not support extensions based on Flash technology. Flash is deprecated with CC 2017. And the missing support for Flash could also extend to ExtendScript scripts that work with Flash in SctiptUI elements. If your old scripts or extensions rely on that, at least this kind of extensions cannot be installed anymore.


          And real Plugins written in C++ need an update, because InDesign CC 2017 uses a new code base ( you cannot open a CC 2017 document with e.g. InDesign CC 2015 ).


          Scripts, that do not rely on Flash technology should work with CC 2017 as they worked with CC 2015.
          At least you should see them in the Scripts panel, if you copy them over. If they can be successfully launched in CC 2017 will depend on target directives given in the code.