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    Automate adding hyperlinks to a daily pdf


      I create a pdf every day. The first page is a summary sheet with a list of names followed by some summary data (for example) :


      A:      123232 xyz 100%

      B:      121311 vgf 75%

      C:      234525 jkl 89%


      Then page two is a full detailed look at "A", page 3 a look at "B" etc. (There's about 30 of these)


      I want to call a program to add hyperlinks to A, B, and C on the first summary page, that will take you to the corresponding detailed pages (so you click on "A" on page one, and it will take you to page 2, which has a back button to go back to page 1)


      I have tried adding the links in excel when we make the report, and that's a whole other nightmare when printing to a pdf. So I figured I would look into automating the addition of hyperlinks through Adobe once it is already a pdf, rather than using excel.


      Any thoughts or tips on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.