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    specify windows phone package version in config.xml for phonegap build

    michelea68144396 Level 1

      i see my release appx file is always created with version='' in appmanifest.xml (and filename)

      i've tryied all attributes in config.xml:

      <widget version=''>

      <widget packageVersion=''>

      <widget windows-packageVersion=''>

      and any combination but nothing changes...


      the other winphone configurations i specify are:

      <preference name="windows-identity-name" value="XXX" />

      <preference name="windows-appx-target" value="8.1-phone" />

      <preference name="windows-arch" value="anycpu" />

      <preference name="windows-publisher-id" value="XXX" />


      build appid 2229953


      thank you,