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    Any other stock contributors finding that Adobe's rejection process is terrible?

    vanlazarus2013 Level 1

      I'm getting numerous clips rejected for model release issues (releases I've used on all other sites without problems) and Adobe doesn't tell me what's wrong with them, and my inquiries to ask for more details are ignored.


      I'm also getting clips rejected for intellectual property reasons, and these same clips passed on Shutterstock, who, in my experience have the toughest and most stringent legal restrictions.  Again, inquires as to what intellectual properties my clips are violating are ignored.  Just a blanket canned rejection with no specific information.


      Basically, the inability to communicate with curators is making submitting to Adobe Stock extremely frustrating.  I'm using the contributor.adobe.stock.com/contact URL to ask questions (as directed by an Adobe support guy in Indonesia/India who said that Adobe Stock contributors do not get phone support), but no one is listening at that URL is seems.  Feeling very similar to bug reports I send in to Adobe.... off into a black hole. No response. No communication.