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    In-Design CS5 Calendar Template Not Opening Correctly in In-Design CC

    Petroph Level 1

      I have a calendar template that was given to me but the file appears to not have been saved correctly or something is overriding the appearance of every other page in the file. It looks like it only effects every other page, and I've tried for weeks looking for an answer with no luck.


      Here is my Dilemma.


      Screenshot 1: This is the very beginning of document. Everything looks good.

      Screenshot 1.png


      Screenshot 2: This is where "January" is supposed to be. You can see in the page preview on the right that this is clearly not what this looks like. Overriding master page does not resolve the issue.

      Screenshot 2.png


      Screenshot 3: This is what it looks like if I scroll down through the pages using the side scroll, but the moment I release my left mouse button it shows the screenshot above.

      Screenshot 3.png


      I have never experienced this before in all my years of design, and am honestly dumbfounded as to how I can fix this. Any help would be very much appreciated.


      Thanks in advanced.