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    LIghtroom 6 suddenly tells me that it is installed on too many computers

    Jan Becket

      On startup, I get a message that my stand-alone Lightroom 6 is installed on too many computers and that I am now running the 30-day trial version. I have 23 days left. This is odd, since it is only installed on one computer.


      This MAY be related to the fact that my previous computer crashed (Mac Pro desktop, early 2008). I bought a used one and inserted the same startup disk that I used in the first Mac Pro, so the program was not re-installed. I has worked fine for months since then. This may also be related to the fact that I just upgraded to OS 10.11.6, El Capitan. That is the most likely problem, since Lightroom worked fine before the upgrade.

      The Adobe support page says that I need to phone Adobe when this happens, but then I read that phone support is not available for Lightroom 6, at least not for the standalone version that I own. Catch 22. The support page for license issues related to activation and deactivation directs me to the forum, so here I am.


      This looks to me like something that Adobe needs to fix on its end. Can someone pass me a support number that will get me to a live support person?



      - Jan