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    SYMBOL problem

      Hi Guys, I am having a problem where every brush stroke , line, everything in fact automatically becomes a symbol. I don't know if I have something turned on by accident , I can't even do a motion guide properly because the line becomes a symbol ( blue square around it ). This happens even if I am editing inside a symbol, I can't draw anything because every stroke becomes a SYMBOL. please please please put me out of my misery, I'm going MAD :-(

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          nrajbhan Level 3

          You might have "Object Drawing" mode turned on. When the brush tool is selected, is the "Object Drawing" mode option selected? It's the icon in the tool bar directly below the "Swap Colors" button and above the "Lock Fill" button.

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            Tozstyle Level 1
            Thanks Nivesh, seems like it could be the problem, tried it at home, just need to check tomorrow when I get to work. What a headache I've had today because of it.