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    code selected adds number


      I know nothing about how to do Java Script so I hope that this can be done...


      1. I want to have a drop down list named Service Code of about 30 different service codes (i.e. 90791).
      2. When a particular service code is selected I would like it to add a (1) one in another field named DAC.
      3. At that time I would like there to be a sum of all the 1's that had the 90791 codes selected.
      4. There are two other codes that will need to be added in separate fields


      Thank you for your help it is much appreciated.


      Alex A.

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          What are the names of the fields involved, especially the drop-down fields?

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            alexa4202287 Level 1

            The name of the field is "service code" which will list all of the codes I need from it's drop down. Once a code is selected I want it to add a number one (1) to  box labeled either DAC, IT/FT or 30 min and continue a running total in those boxes while tally up all the boxes labeled DAC, IT/FT, and 30 min.


            For example:

            • I select code 90791 from the Service code drop down
            • Anytime someone selects code 90791 I would like a 1 (one) added to the box labeled DAC
            • Anytime someone selects code 90837 I would like a 1 (one) added to box labeled IT/FT
                • there are about 25 codes
            • I would like to have a running total of all boxes


            I hope I explained this ok. Thank you for your help