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    I need to reformat a 2-up A3 document to 2 A4 pages


      I'm trying to archive a whole lot of old newsletters, stored as PDFs. They are each 4 A4 pages, formatted as 2 A3 pages (1 & 4 and 2 & 3). They were issued as printed documents, but now we want to archive them to the web. I would like to change the files to be 4 individual pages so they can be easily read in the correct order. Does anyone know how I can do that and still preserve the qualities of the original PDF? I've managed various laborious cut and paste solutions but apart from being time-consuming they all end up with pages being images that get fuzzy as they are enlarged. There are also about 10 years x 12 months worth of these, so a speedy conversion process is also going to be helpful.



      All suggestions gratefully received.