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    quarterly market share calculation


      I have a simple sales production worksheet created in Adobe Acrobat 9

      with 4 quarterly sales figures in a fillable column, (A1,B1,C1,D1) and a sum total E. I want to calculate the market share of each quarter in the year as a percentage in the next column(A2-D2) with E2=100%. It's a simple equation in Excel, but I'm not having any luck in creating the Javascript formula to render a result.

      Any assistance greatly appreciated!

      Sales RevenueQuarter%
      A1A2=% A1 of total Revenue
      B1B2=% B1 of total Revenue
      C1C2=% C1 of total Revenue
      D1D2=% D1 of total Revenue
      E1=Total of Column 1E2=100%