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    LR6 facial recognition mixing up photos after tagging!  Help.


      I have about 120 different family members I've used FR on and there are anywhere from handful to 30 photos for each member.  Tonight I noticed that "Charlie" had his face on "Courtney's" stack and Charlie's stack was gone.  Courtney's stack had 69 photos in it now, instead of the 4 or 5 it should have been.  When I opened the stack there were photos of approx 6 or 7 other, previously named family members.  And their respective stack names were missing, just like Charlies.


      So, I began to sort out all the other wrong photos in Courtney's stack and recreate the stacks for the folks that were mysteriously piled into hers.  After moving about 20 photos back into the correct newly-created stacks the number of photos in Courtney's stack barely moved and is now at 63. 


      This is maddening and a waste of all the time I've spent ID'ing these pictures with calls and emails to other family members.  What is going on?


      And when is there going to be a tweak or fix to help FR find all the faces in our photos.  Not doing a great job percentage-wise.

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          I´m new to the program but I run into this problem too just yesterday. I had the problem with two people and the program mixed together them both. So I re-created the person name, which was already present on the name list even there were not the folder with faces, and moved again all faces to the correct name. Today I re-opened Lightroom and the two faces were mixed again!!

          Really frustrating, please someone from the tech support who can help us with this critical problem?