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    Real-time 3D Web and Desktop application

    DAVID NAJAR Level 1

      I’ve worked on this project the last months and now it is on prerelease state. I really appreciate any feedback you can provide me to polish the product or find any errors left before final release.

      I write down a project brief for your overall consideration:

      This project is a real-time 3D web and desktop application to visualize spaces (showrooms) and crate/edit/save by the final user furniture layouts, it needs to be adapted to any client (brand) with any amount of data (spaces, images, videos, objects, layouts, and so on) he has, the application (platform) is totally dynamic (user interface, graphic design, data, languages, multimedia resources, and so on), its intermediate data structure is based on XML.

      The web application file size is 52 kb (.dcr file), I’ve have to write my own components to get the flexibility that the application needs and maintain the file size lower.

      No timeline used (0 frames) all works from code, in fact inside the .dcr file there is just code.

      All 3D was made on 3D Max with baked textures to use no lights at runtime (lights slow down performance). The collision/response is a hybrid 2D/3D system coded for performance (no Havok or Ageia used). The 3D modeling and texturing was made from on site scouting and measurements, 2D CAD files and lots of image references.

      The following systems were coded and implemented specific for this project:

      Screen layout, data encryption, components, resources, cleanup, memory management, collision, visual styles, xml management, data download, networking, exceptions manager, user environment, skin management, 3D hardware, and others.

      I use 3 Xtras, PrintOMatic, Shockfiler and DirectMail for form request generation (the project needs to be encapsulated and works the same on web or as standalone application with no Internet connection so no PHP or database allowed)

      Now I’m finishing the application editor for easy project creation and management by no technical people.

      The entire project and all specific resources (3d, graphic design and 3d renders for the current client) was developed by 2 member team.

      We just waiting the final info and resources (images, text, languages, and so on) from the client’s team in charge of authorize and provide us that data, For this reason the current online application has placeholders for galleries and some videos and no specific texts (info) or languages set on.

      Thanks for your feedback in advance.

      Have a nice day!

      Link to project Smart Planner 3D