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    How to export tiff & jpg files from Lightroom Mobile?


      I'be been using Lightroom for years, & my usual workflow is ingest raw files, caption, adjust, then output as tiff or jjpg for client. I recently bought an iPad Pro & installed Lightroom Mobile thinking I could do that on the iPad while in the field & travelling light. But I don't seem to be able to do much of anything. Can't see any way to caption. Only very basic adjustments possible. And I can't find any way to export the files as tiff, jpg or anything else.


      This can't be right, so what am I missing? Or is Lightroom Mobile basically a toy that isn't really LR at all?


      Jeremy Nicholl

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          john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Lightroom Mobile doesn't claim to be a substitute for having Lightroom itself on a laptop. If that's what you need, you should have bought a laptop.


          You can't export as TIF, but you can export JPEG - see the Share icon at the top right. It does offer a range of adjustments that is more than just basic, even local adjustments now, but it is odd that you can't edit captions or titles. To do this while mobile, use the iPad browser and log into your account at lightroom.adobe.com. This "Lightroom on the Web" does allow you to edit titles and captions, and it's disappointing that Adobe still haven't added this to Mobile.

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            Jeremynicholl Level 1

            Hello John,


            Thanks for that. In fact I do already have LR on my work MacBook Pro, this issue arose because I bought an iPad Pro for lightweight holiday travelling, then put LR mobile on it thinking that an Adobe app called Lightroom would behave the same as, er, an existing Adobe app called Lightroom. It's good to hear that it's at least possible to export jpegs, but as you say the functionality does seem rather underdeveloped, especially since a subscription is required.