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    How can I use Lightroom "Import" JPG files when other file types are in the same folder?

    hansenjc Level 1

      I just received a camera that takes both MOV video and JPG still images. Using Lightroom Import, I am unable to preview the JPG files. I am also unable import the JPG files even though each file has been checked in the small box in the upper left hand corner that indicates they have been selected.

      When I move the files to my hard drive using MS Windows OS tool, the same thing happens.

      When I move the MOV video files to their own folder, and only have the JPG files in their own folder, I am able to preview the images and the import works fine.

      Is this a "Feature", and if so, how do I benefit from it? And, if it is a feature, is there a tutorial or instruction that tells us that this is how it works? May I have a link so that I may view the tutorial or instruction?

      Is this a known bug, and if so is it in the cue to be fixed?

      Is there a work-around to get the Import function to work when there are other file types in the same folder of the camera memory chip?