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    LR mobile to desktop workflow sync issues


      Hi Guys,

      I would really appreciate your help/advise on following problem. I am currently using LR mobile on Ipad and LR on desktop. From time to time when travelling I import few raw files directly into Ipad so I can start with adjustments and then I sync with desktop. The issue I am having now is that I have built a new desktop where I have 2 disks, an SSD for Windows and apps and HDD for data. I have installed LR on SSD yet I want it to create catalogue, import photos and do all stuff on HDD. However once I opened LR I let it sync with Ipad without paying much notice to the setting. Onced in synced roughly about 250 photos I found out it created some nonsense folder on SSD disk in mobile.downloads.lrdata folder which name consists of numbers and letters. I would love to shift all that on my HDD disk with the option of creating smooth catalogue organized by capture date just as when you import straight from the camera. I later found that in preferences there is an option to choose for mobile LR to choose specific location where to store LR mobile images so I chose the HDD and even ticked to use subfolders, what I don´t know is how to force LR to transfer everything where I said I want to have it. What should I do? What is the easiest way out of this mess without loosing the adjustments I made to my pictures in Ipad. I don´t mind reinstalling LR on desktop or doing whatever else.

      Thank you so much for any help!!!