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    Align object edges side by side

    Martin_d35 Level 1

      I'm using CS3 and I hope that someone can still answer my question since I think it may be a pretty basic one. I'm just really stuck and I'm probably overlooking something very easy.


      I'm trying to align two objects side by side so that the edge of one object butts up exactly against the edge of the other object. In other words side by side. For example, if objects x and y are boxes, and object x is stationary (or locked) I am able to align the left edge of y box to the right edge of x box. I simply use "distribute spacing" in the align palette and set the spacing to 0.  Box y moves exactly to the edge of box x. BUT if object y is stationary (or locked) I am not able to align the right edge of x box to the left edge of y box using the same method. Box x does not move.


      This makes me think that I can only align edges when the object travels from right to left. Since this is the only thing I've been able to get any object to do. I should mention as well that I am in a 2 page spread. I should also mention that I can simply put a guide to the edge of any box and drag an object to it. But I want to know if there is a way to do what I have described above using the align palette options.


      Thank you

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          vinny38 Level 5


          After selecting your objects, click on the object that should not move (the right one)

          Notice the outline gets thicker.

          Then simply use distribute spacing with spacing 0.

          Not sure this function works with CS3 but my guess would be it does.

          hope that helps


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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Sorry, Vinny, that feature did not yet exist in CS3.


            In a case like this I tend to work "by the numbers." With the selection tool, select the left object and click one of the control proxy points on the right edge of the transform proxy. Copy the x-coordinate value from the filed in the Control palette. Now Select the object on the right, click a control point on the left edge of the proxy, and past the x-coordinate. Press Enter.


            If you have more than two objects, you can copy the appropriate coordinate (in this case the x-coordinate of the left side of the left-most object), select all the objects and use the distribute spacing trick, then put that x-coordinate in the field and press Enter.