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    fillable pdf trouble


      just like the title says, i have a fill able pdf that im trying to use on a Samsung galaxy s5 active ios is 6.0.1  .   on a Microsoft pc the pdf works flawless, on an iphone the pdf works flawless, on my Samsung it crashes the app. using xodo i can open the pdf and fill in all of the boxes available on the pdf but none of the math formulas work (or display) and im unable to use the embedded calendar. when i transfer the saved file to a pc via email or a apple phone via email/bluetooth the app will open and start up slowly before it will load the file and auto complete the desired fields. ive searched on google and many other forums only to find that the problem seems to have been an issue starting after 5.0 update and should have been fixed via 5.1? also the post seem to have a wide year range from 2011 to 2014 exhibiting similar if not the same issue. thank you in advance for any help!

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          Akki_24 Adobe Employee

          Hi Rich45020,


          Could you please confirm the mobile application that you are using?

          If possible please send the document to us, we would like to test it our end whether its a device specific issue or problem with the

          application itself.

          *please check the private message I have sent to you.





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            rich45020 Level 1

            absolutely akki_24, adobe acrobat reader ( version 16.3.1) on the s5 active (so far the only app to run halfway decent for this pdf is xodo pdf reader & editor, and ive also used a samsung galaxy tab-a (sm-t350) running 6.0.1 ios using adobe acrobat reader (version 16.3.1) as well and had similar issues with it starting and crashing after a cell has been modified ( it does save the data 90% of the time but requires a app restart) ive also tried the xodo reader for a side by side comparison and have noticed no difference between the test hardware.