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    New here and it's all abit..... strange!

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      I'm a retired teacher. I had to retire when I became disabled and ended up housebound way back in 2000. Nice start to the Millennium! I didn't want to give up teaching, so the Brittish's Department of Science and Education kept my registration and I started teaching PS, as an art tool, from the unit I now live in.
      As my condition is progressive... I find my ability to teach is becoming more of a problem and I started messing around with the idea of getting my support dog Finn, to talk and be my voice online. I tried CrazyTalk, but it is so unstable and cumbersome that it wasn't worth the effort. Then I saw Character Animator and the way that this links to the face and possible live animation.... I just had to give it a go. Getting the package was the first problem. I teach from home, I don't teach in school... because of my disabilities, but try telling Adobe that!? Anyway.. I'm here and just about to try out CA for the first time.


      I have two goals:

      1. Create a Finn persona that I can add any of my audio tracks to and Finn will speak for me.

      2. Create online lessons for Primary School Children using Finn as the Teacher.


      Fingers crossed that I'll be up and running by the end of the year... Not running... but you know what I mean!?