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    InDesign CC 2017 footnotes

    Brighton Lance Level 1

      I like the new footnotes feature and I've found I can tweak the style of the footnotes as much as I want.


      But my gripe is that since using them, even the smallest work on the formatting on the main body text now brings up the beachball, so every slight tweak of tracking (beachball appears for every increment applied), every change to 'space after/before etc (beachball appears) and so on.


      I have tried it on text that does not have the new footnote styling and it doesn't happen - so I'm assuming each tweak with the footnotes means InDesign has to pause and think about it.


      Seems one step forward and two steps back?

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          prateekgaurav Adobe Employee

          Hi Brighton,


          We need few more information, which will help us to investigate further:

          • Is it document specific problem?Could you please check with clean preference and cache?
          • Could you please share a sample document in which you are facing this issue?
          • Are you using any external plugin?If yes, could you please check without external plugin as well?


          Looking forward for your reply.Thanks in advance.



          Prateek Gaurav

          InDesign Team