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    scanning uploaded documements for viruses in CF

    happysailingdude Level 1
      hi guys

      currently everytime a user uploads a document to our application it is emailed to one of our pc's in the office where we scan it for viruses and then (assuming it's ok) we then make an entry in the application's database to state that that user's document is ok so they can do stuff with it

      bit of a long way round, so i'm hoping to implement something that is all based on the server


      1 user uploads document to server
      2 cf reads filename of document
      3.cf then passes the filename/path to some antivirus tool installed on the server
      4.this antivirus tool scans just that document
      5.the antivirus tool then feedsback to cf
      6.coldfusion takes necessary action:
      -if document ok, mark as such in db
      -if document bad, cf deletes it and warns user they may have a virus (and warns us they may be a hacker!)

      i can do all of this easy peasy, except steps 3,4 and 5

      does anyone have any advice for me?

      my isp has Dr.Web® anti-virus for Windows installed on our server so it'd be good to use that if poss - anyone know how cf can talk to it?

      if not does anyone have any other suggestions?

      thanks very much in advance

      kind regards