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    Gradient and Radial filters not saved with ACR presets




      I have created a number of Lightroom presets that I would like to use in ACR.


      I can convert the presets to ACR easily enough. But, when I go to save the converted presets as ACR presets, the Gradient and Radial filters don't save with the preset. So when I then go to use the ACR preset, neither the gradient nor the radial filter gets applied and, therefore, the resulting adjustment is different than it would be in Lightroom.


      I've also noticed that you can save the settings of an individual filter but not actual pinpoints that determine how the filter is applied to an image.


      Is this a problem or is this the way that the presets in ACR are intended to work? Is there no way to save the Gradient and Radial filters in ACR?


      And, if this is the way it works, can I ask for an enhancement to add this feature? If Lightroom can save the filters with presets, it wouldn't seem a stretch to expect ACR to be able to do the same.


      Or am I just missing something and there's a way to save the filters that I'm just not seeing?


      Thanks in advance.