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    My Muse site keeps coming up as mobile site on desktop


      I have the latest version of Muse and I built my site Nigel Ward And Company - Home  with desktop and mobile versions, at some point in the last few months it has decided to occasionally open up on my desktop machines as though on a mobile, this is using MS Edge, MS IE and Chrome, there doesn't seem to be any pattern to it, usually in the morning it opens fine then later on in the day it will direct to mobile site, and not just the home page either, it seems to do it with direct links to, for example I just sent someone a link to our calendar page: Nigel Ward and Company - Auction Calendar I went to sent emails, clicked on the link to make sure it was correct and it opened the following page: Nigel Ward and Company - Auction Calendar


      This is driving me crazy, I've looked to see if I can find someone else with this specific problem but no joy, please help.


      It was fine for 6 months and then after one of the updates to Muse this started happening.